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Grapat Mandala Set of 6 - 216 Pieces - 20% Discount in Cart

Brand: by Grapat Set
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It consists of 6 Grapat Mandala packages:

Grapat Mandala - Mushroom (36 Pieces)
Grapat Mandala - Orange Cone (36 Pieces)
Grapat Mandala - Raindrop (36 Pieces)
Grapat Mandala - Green Cone (36 Pieces)
Grapat Mandala - Egg (36 Pieces)
Grapat Mandala - Stones (36 Pieces)

The first picture is representative. The Mandala in the picture does not include Fire, Honeycomb, Flower and Blue Disc. You can find these products in our other Mandala packages.

This package contains a total of 6 different products.