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ÖkoNorm Washable Felt Pen - 9 colors + 1 color changing pen

Brand: by ökoNORM
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Strong non-breakable solid-tipped felt-tip pens ideal for children. 9 colors and 1 marker where the colors change. This way you can easily remove the felt-tip pen, and it's fun for kids to draw, too. The thickness of the tip is 6 mm. Felt-tip pens do not contain harmful substances and are gluten-free.

Felt-tip pens have bright colors and can be used on paper, cardboard, wood, etc. It can paint many surfaces. Contains water-based inks with a slight odour. The drying rate is about 5% per month. Felt pens can be charged by applying 2 drops of lemon juice or vinegar to the color pad. Therefore, you should open the back cover with a pliers or a blunt knife. The specially designed nib cannot slide into the pen or bend under pressure. Use the eraser marker to remove ink from felt-tip pens from paper, leather and many other surfaces. Eraser-marker can be used as hidden inks, which can only be seen after painting with felt-tip pens.

Since the first day of its establishment, the German manufacturer ÖkoNORM has remained loyal to its main principle of offering eco-friendly products that are produced with minimum damage to the environment. Its products containing renewable raw materials are classified as very good and good by the consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST.

With extra secure cover

Felt-tip pens have a perforated cap inside so that air can always pass through the cap. This means less chance of drowning.

Water-based inks contain non-toxic color pigments. Euro Standard EN 71/9, American Standard ASTM D 4236.