Merhaba Kidsmondo - Kidsmondo

Hello Kidsmondo

Hello, It's been a busy few months and we're excited to share our latest updates and news with you. We say goodbye to our beloved Sad...

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Grimm's ve Montessori - Kidsmondo

Grimm's and Montessori

Grimm's toys and whether they are Montessori can be answered in different ways. First of all, we should say that it may not be right to call any to...

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Sevgi İle Yapıldı - Kidsmondo

Made with Love

UNIQUE DESIGN Grimm's is a family business that designs natural toys and decorative items in accordance with European Toy Safety standards, sust...

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Waldorf Evi Yaratmak - Kidsmondo

Creating a Waldorf House

Whether their children are attending a Waldorf school or because they feel close to the Waldorf methodology, many parents today want to create an ...

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Spielgut Oyuncak Mührü - Kidsmondo

Spielgut Toy Seal

Games and Toys as Educational Tools Play is an activity that includes learning. But this is learning by experience rather than learning from som...

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GRAPAT 101 - Kidsmondo


Grapat is actually a small-scale family project of a family that has decided to leave the city life and live in nature. Casiana & Jordi plan...

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