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Grapat is actually a small-scale family project of a family that has decided to leave the city life and live in nature.

Casiana & Jordi planted the first seeds of their toy ideas in their eldest daughter's first 3 years, long before they decided to move from city life to simpler life. The couple raised their first child with almost no toys. This is actually a conscious decision they made. They gave their children permission to use everyday items in the house instead of toys, and they witnessed with admiration that these items turned into completely different things in their daughter's hands.

Witnessing these games also inspired them. They realized this parallel world created by children and how play is an unavoidable need. This experience gave them the idea of ​​designing toys without any user manuals.

Currently, they both live and produce in their homes in the Prene mountains of Catalonia, which are intertwined with nature.

Grapat Toys


  • All the business partners they work with are also from the area where they live. In this way, they can be sure that the working conditions of the workers in the production are suitable.
  • Wood forms the basis of Grapat products. Every wood used comes from sustainable forests.
  • The paints used are toxic-free, fully certified paints of important European brands in this field. Since the paint completely penetrates into the wood, even if the toy falls, it does not smear on the floor or fade over time.
  • The majority of Grapat toys consist of one piece. However, some objects require gluing together. The glue used does not contain formaldehyde in any way.
  • Natural vegetable oils and wax are applied to the wood as a final treatment. The oils used may cause an intense odor at first, but it will disappear within a few days. Enjoy this natural scent!

Grapat Toys

  • Each piece you receive is hand-painted and therefore unique. The "tracks" in the wood give them character and make each piece unique. These tracks are beautiful and they make the toy even more valuable.
  • Grapat has completely removed the use of plastic in packaging as of 2019. In this way, it contributes to reducing waste production.
  • Among the institutions they partner with, there are also associations that help those with psychological difficulties. They are often helpful with packaging.
  • Grapat workshop works according to the TEAL philosophy. A structure based on self-management and sharing powers.
  • All materials and parts used have all flammability, chemical and mechanical test reports in accordance with EN71-1/2/3 safety regulations.

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