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Made with Love

Made with Love


Grimm's is a family business that designs natural toys and decorative items in accordance with European Toy Safety standards, sustainably managed in the foothills of the Alps. Grimm's designs durable toys that allow children to develop their imaginations thanks to their minimal design. In this way, the toys they produce can adapt to the development of children and turn into different games at any age. In the product development phase, Grimm's also makes use of other educational approaches such as Montessori, especially Waldorf education principles.

Grimm's uses alder, linden, beech and maple in its products. With a few exceptions, everything is sanded and cut by hand - giving the wood a different expression from mere "machinery" and reinforcing the uniqueness of each piece. This way, each toy bears the signatures of the wood from which it is made, and even the same toy has a different spirit from the next. .



All of the wood used in Grimm's products comes from sustainable forestry in Europe, and the woodwork is done by independent small producers, also in Europe. New product development and product lubrication, coloring, assembly, quality control, packaging and worldwide shipping are done from the headquarters in Germany.


Grimm's toys are suitable for all ages with their durable designs, simple and minimalist shapes, and beautiful colors. These are designs that inspire play over and over. All raw materials used first pass the quality test in Germany. In addition, all toys are regularly tested and certified to comply with the European Toy Safety Standard (EN 71) and US standards.


All rainbow friends and decorative figures are hand painted down to the last detail . Grimm's uses glaze paint and vegetable oil in its products. Brightly colored glaze paints and vegetable oils preserve the wood's vibrant surface in structure and feel. The result is a typically rough but still velvety wood surface that adds to greater play value, especially for toys to be used as building material such as wooden blocks. Because the pieces do not slide easily and placing them on top of each other is quite easy even for little hands. The paints used are water-based, do not contain toxic substances, and are resistant to saliva. All paints and oils used comply with the European Toy Safety standard (EN 71).

TIP: If you want to clean Grimm's products, simply wipe with a damp cloth and (if necessary) some soapy water. Do not use a heater during drying, just let it dry at room temperature, otherwise cracks may occur in the wood. Please do not clean wooden products with disinfectant, hot water or similar!

This article is adapted from Grimm's official site.

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