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Grimm's and Montessori

Grimm's and Montessori

Grimm's toys and whether they are Montessori can be answered in different ways. First of all, we should say that it may not be right to call any toy as Montessori material. Because these are toys, and Montessori has never designed toys.

As for Grimm's, Grimm's is a toy manufacturer that was founded in 1978 and describes itself as a family business that follows the Waldorf education system and other alternative education principles. Montesorri is one of the education systems they follow. However, Waldorf ideas are at the heart of Grimm's designs.

Steiner, the creator of the Waldorf movement, was inspired by the blocks designed by Froebel. Froebel paved the way for children to learn by playing on their own with the play equipment he designed. The game objects he created have inspired many educators. Montessori is one of them, but every material that Madam Montessori designs has a special function: each is designed to develop a specific talent. These are educational tools to be used in classrooms, not toys.

Despite this, many of Grimm's natural and aesthetic toys find a place for themselves in Montessori houses with their designs in accordance with Montessori principles. Below, we share a few basic toy selections with you for inspiration.

Montessori Inspired Grimm's Toys for Babies 0 to 6 Months

A rattle that can be used as the first step to cause and effect relationship with the sounds it makes every time it is shaken while improving the grasping abilities of small hands.


Or you can think of a rolling rattle like the one below, which will give your baby the motivation he needs because of the sound and movement it makes and who is already eager to crawl.

Grimm's Rattle

Montessori Inspired Grimm's Toys for 1 Year Old

This tower will help develop your baby's motor skills while learning to distinguish shapes with different sizes.

Grimms Conical Tower

Toys such as nestable boxes also help little ones develop motor skills and improve sequencing.

nested boxes

Montessori Inspired Grimm's Toys for 2 Years Old

Now, at this stage, you can consider acquiring toys that can help your child develop their fine motor skills and classification skills.

Sorting Bowls

Toys like the one below, which will help different shaped pieces to form different geometric shapes by joining together, will also be suitable for this age.

Grimm's Triangle Circle and Square Block Set
"What about Grimm 's rainbow?" We hear you say. It would be impossible to pass without mentioning this very valuable toy that Grimm's brought to the toy world. Grimm's rainbow is really beautiful and a perfect toy for kids. You can use this toy as a Montessori material for open-ended games as well as activities such as counting and sorting .
Counting Rainbow
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