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Get rid of your child's excess toys!

Get rid of your child's excess toys!

Throw away your child's toys to boost their creativity

Many studies, which you can reach with a short search of the literature , have shown that too many toys suppress your child's imagination and shorten the playing time. This actually indirectly says a lot about their cognitive development.

Kids don't need many toys

We believe that children generally don't always need the most of anything.

At the beginning of her second year, I noticed that my daughter Nova had 3-4 toy cars with similar functions and features, but she always gravitated towards the same toy when we released her. He probably didn't even need a toy car. I understood this when he started to use the olive in his hand as a car for breakfast and sometimes when he smashed the bread on his plate and made train cars.

Recently, when we used the rectangular rice pudding in his hand as a camera and took a picture of the sheep around during our walk, I actually saw how children's imaginations have the ability to transform any material.

Although exaggerated, this picture is not far from the current situation. Although exaggerated, this painting manages to convey the spirit of modern times.

Our experience as a parent and as a subject is that children can make carts or fire trucks out of cardboard boxes, ships out of slippers, airplanes out of sticks, a bird or apple pie out of small stones when they really need it. The important thing is that they have the space and time they can freely use to experience their imaginations. When they have the freedom to use their minds, they can come up with any idea that might affect you.

"Hint: Each child is a different world and a completely different character. Observe which toys actually feed your child's play. So you can find out which toys you can get rid of."

We are trying to offer toys that comply with these principles. On our site, instead of tens of colorful and single-function active toys, you can find a carefully selected catalog and quality, durable, plain, open-ended toys suitable for play. The next time you buy your child that garish truck, think twice and take a look at our site to see what toys he can use instead.

Toy elimination guide:

1.Is the toy similar in function and features?

2. Has it been played in the last three months?

3.Is it damaged or missing an important part?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, consider eliminating the toy. your child's age and Depending on the respectful parenting scale, you may want to discuss these with them first. If you can't decide, try reevaluating in two stages: first it can go to a box, then to someone who needs it, or it can be added to a second-hand sale list.

As a family, we could never achieve this simplicity in poster beauty, but there is no harm in putting it as a target, of course.
As a family, we still haven't achieved this simplicity in poster beauty, but of course there is no harm in setting it as a goal. :)

Help your child cut down on toys, make comfortable choices at playtime, and play more independently and creatively!


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