Covid-19 Statement

Our dear parents,

The Covid-19 pandemic around the world has had a serious impact on our daily lives. Like you, we, as Kidsmondo, adapt to this exceptional situation, make the necessary changes in our operation, and try to manage our anxiety and stress in a healthy way.

Despite this exceptional situation, you can continue to order through our website, but as you may notice, we are having difficulty managing stock status. The most important reason for this is the sharp and major impact of the pandemic we are currently experiencing on the supply chain.

The large deliveries we expect are delayed or are waiting at some points due to many different variables, such as problems experienced in logistics companies, some of the public authorities responsible for issuing customs-related documents are closed (in the case of Spain), or the people we need at some points cannot go out and cannot follow the transactions. .

While we are trying to complete existing supplier deliveries as effectively as possible and offer you our products as soon as possible, we are also following the circulars published regarding Covid-19, effectively implementing hygiene rules, etc. and carrying out some additional preventive measures.

As Kidsmondo , we believe that we will come out of this process stronger by learning the necessary lessons both individually and socially, and we wish you, our valued parents and their loved ones, healthy days.

With love and respect,