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Crayon Rocks Soy Crayons - 16 colors

Brand: by Crayon Rocks
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Unlike conventional wax/crayons, Crayon Rocks is produced entirely from natural soy wax. Its extraordinary colors come from mineral pigments and are therefore non-toxic. In this way, although it is not produced for food, it is completely harmless in case of accidental bite.

Your children will gain a very important skill as well as having a very enjoyable time with these uniquely bright colored soybean pieces. The different shapes of these special soy wax pieces are actually designed so that children's fingers have a good and strong "tripod" grip (using the thumb, index and common fingers) which encourages the development of pencil holding.

The pack contains 16 different colored soy wax pieces. The crayons are smooth and easy to use, so kids can layer different colors, draw fine lines, and mix different colors together.

Crayon Rocks won the 2014 Parents' Choice Award.

Dimensions: 3.2 cm per chalk

Recommended from 3 years (Used under 3 years old but under parental supervision)