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Grapat Advent Calender - Edition 1 (Limited Production)

Brand: by Grapat
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An open-ended advent calendar from the Spanish brand Grapat full of surprises. A whole variety of children's toys for crafting, playing with, sorting or decorating. 

The beautiful surprise box contains 24 numbered, reusable boxes for the 24 days before Christmas, each with a unique surprise. The included sticker sheet with numbers makes the calendar reusable.

The countdown calendar contains a booklet in English that invites children to play and discover with the toy set.

The set consists of a total of 150 parts:

1: 4 candles and 4 parts of the Waldorf Kingdom
2: Tió - 3: wooden bricks
4: craft set to make snowflakes
5: finger puppet
6: Christmas cookies
7: fairies craft set
8: small drum sticks
9: embroidery set
10: bulb babies
11: play of the senses
12: amulet craft set
13: small mushrooms
14: silent bell
15: rainbow dice
16: craft set for a treasure bag
17 : wooly family
18: craft set popcorn garland
19: cocoa cups
20: garland of pearl beads
21: magical city
22: owl
23: joyful nin
24: surprise!

Age: 3+