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Grapat Balls (36 Pieces)

Brand: by Grapat
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A set of 36 wooden balls in rainbow colors from Spanish brand Grapat. The different colors of these little marbles allow children to group, organize and classify them. It can be used as part of small treasures. It is a toy that offers many possibilities because of its simple shape.

Playing with marbles can be considered as an indispensable part of childhood. What is the difference between wooden balls and glass balls? The sound they make when they fall and hit each other, their weight, texture, and so on.

The pieces are hand painted. This can sometimes cause differences in tones. And this is exactly what Grapat wanted to create: naturalness that can vary per piece, both in material and color intensity, and uniqueness in each piece.

It comes in a cloth bag sewn from cotton fabric.

Dimensions : 18 mm ø

Recommended Age: 36+ months