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Grapat Circular Shapes Set - (30 pieces)

Brand: by Grapat
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30 piece 'Circular Shapes Set' from Spanish brand Grapat. This set includes 6 rainbow colored wooden balls, 12 semicircles, and finally 12 discs.

It is an ideal set for exploring geometric shapes. Young children can have a great time touching and rolling them. The circular shapes set is also very suitable for filling treasure baskets. Although this set is an excellent choice as an early age toy, it will certainly be a part of more complex games in the future.

Older children will have a lot of fun playing with this set and discovering that the two semicircles meet to form a full circle. This set is also very suitable for introductory geometry. In addition, when these pieces are used with blocks, they will add a different dimension to the building games.

Dimensions : The radius of the balls is 45mm.

Recommended Age: 10+ months