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Grapat Treasure Basket - 10 pieces

Brand: by Grapat
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Spanish brand A set of 10 different wooden forms from Grapat. First precious treasure for young children. The different shapes of the toys are very convenient for little babies to explore and play. In a playful way, it is ideal for the first acquaintance with geometric shapes. Coils have different shapes. There are 4 containers of different shapes. The ball fits in one container, the reels in the other. It's also suitable for simply figuring out which fits where and being used for puzzles!

A toy that offers many possibilities due to its simple shapes, is suitable for the toddler and helps develop fine motor skills. This game set consists of: - 1 ball, - 2 bowls of different sizes, - 3 slices, - 1 ring, - 3 reels of a different shape in the middle.

Packed in a cardboard box with a cotton storage bag. The design of the bag may vary.

Dimensions : 12 x inner Ø 20 mm, 12 x inner Ø 30 mm

Recommended Age: 10+ months