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Grapat Big Nins® Pair - Light Wood

Brand: by Grapat
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Set of 2 wooden Nins® Adult figures in black and white from Spanish brand Grapat. Nins® figures are the most well-known of the Grapat toys. These beautiful and traditional wooden Waldorf figures are produced in many different colors and designs, so each one has a real character. Due to its stylized shapes, it is suitable to be used for all kinds of scenes.

Nins® dolls are great companions for young children to build their own stories. Dolls can also form part of structures, decorative crafts and seasonal sets.

It offers many possibilities because of its simple shapes. The pieces are hand painted. This can sometimes cause differences in tones. And this is exactly what Grapat wanted to create: naturalness that can vary per piece, both in material and color intensity, and uniqueness in each piece.

Dimensions : Height 9.8 cm

Recommended Age: 10+ months