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Grapat Nins®, Mates and Rings - Autumn

Brand: by Grapat
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Spanish brand Grapat's set in autumn tones includes 3 wooden Mates (tub), 9 rings and 9 discs, as well as 3 wooden hat Nins® and 3 hatless Nins® . Small scenes can be put together with this toy set. At the same time, rings and disks provide an opportunity to explore the first principles of mathematics in a fun way. 'Nins®' are great toy companions for very young children to mix and reassemble colors. They can dress the dolls in a piece of fabric or embellish with a cap for a completely different effect. It encourages fine motor skills. They can recreate stacking games and construction games.

The pieces are hand painted. This can sometimes cause differences in tones. And this is exactly what Grapat wanted to create: naturalness that can vary per piece, both in material and color intensity, and uniqueness in each piece.

There are 27 pieces in the set. Packed in cardboard storage box. A doll is 6 cm high.

Dimensions : 16.5x12.5x8.5 cm

Recommended Age: 12+ months