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Grapat Nins® In the Woods

Brand: by Grapat
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It contains 6 Nins, 3 of which are magicians in hats, 3 small felt sacks, 3 felt caps, 1 felt circle, 1 hemisphere, 3 cones, 3 mushrooms, 3 coins(cylinder), 2 small sticks and 1 large stick. Textile parts have GOT Certificate.

Forest Nins is a toy that can be used as a symbolic game to create stories and small worlds. However, when combined with other elements, they can be part of math, language and sensory games, among others. Moreover, this material is unrestricted, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of ways. The adaptability of these materials contributes to creative and divergent ways of thinking.
Many elements in this material are suggestions for creating small worlds, miniature scenes that invite children to express and act on their stories from their inner world to the real world. This includes games, emotions, movement, imagination, etc. The different materials accompanying 'Nins' create scenes where they can experience and feel a new imaginary world.

Recommended Age: 12+ months