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Grapat Yay!

Brand: by Grapat
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Be enchanted and warmed by Grapat's 'Wild' collection! We only have to look at the beautiful photos to immediately feel like playing with the beautiful items. This collection contains a perfect balance of natural and playfulness. The Grapat  set contains 3 cheerful figures. Each item is different in shape, color and appearance. These figures are inspired by abstract art. And your child will be inspired again for endless fun with this beautiful set.

Grapat is known for the sustainable aspects of their toys. It will last for many, many years of fun guaranteed! The toys are known as open-ended, there are no rules. Do you see any figures in this? That's possible, but they could just as easily be animals or fantasy creatures. Children know how to shape their play with these beautiful natural toy items. This toy is also suitable to take with you on the go. They always fit in a bag, hand or pocket.

Natural colors are used that are applied by hand, making each item slightly different and unique. Your set may therefore differ slightly from what you see in the image.

This Spanish brand tempts your child to form their own game and express themselves. The loose wooden parts can become whatever is needed at that moment for wonderful and free play. The beautiful, natural materials and colors appeal to the imagination.

Toy Safety: 18+ Month

Recommended Age: 3+ years