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Grimms Towable Elephant

Brand: by Grimm's
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The Grimmsin carved elephant is a lovely companion that kids can pull from as soon as they learn to walk. For basic coordination skills that begin with the walking stage, towable toys can be a good choice. The Grimmsin is one of the classic toys of all time, and its ears are made of plant-tanned leather with fixed ears. A wonderful sensory combination of wood, felt and leather. Made from lime wood and a non-toxic water-based color lacquer.

All of our toys are made with safe natural materials, they are beautiful and simple, the lack of detail allows children to fill in the blanks with their imagination. Rather than being descriptive, they are designed to be used in many different ways in creative game scenarios.

Size: Length 23cm.

Toy Safety: 0+ years

Recommended Age: 1+ years