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MyFibo Paintable Boomerang - 30 Pieces -

Brand: by TicToys
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This set of 30 boomerangs is very suitable for painting activities at birthday parties.

myFibo boomerangs are designed for children aged 6 and up and beginners to throwing boomerangs. The boomerang is also a sustainable alternative to its plastic counterparts.

There are 15 beginner level (18 cm diameter and 2-3 m range) and 15 expert level (15 cm diameter and 4-5 m range) boomerangs inside the box. The accompanying manual describes the history of the boomerang, the underlying physics and aboriginal art.

German manufacturer TicToys aims to encourage children to move with the toys it produces in today's environment where there is excessive screen exposure and limited physical activity.

Recommended Age: 6+ years