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Organic Natural Dye - Black

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You can easily mix Organic Natural Dye with water and adjust the dosage according to you, so you only use what you need. Therefore, the cost per use is quite affordable. T is a completely natural dye.

Available in 9 vibrant colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, purple, black and brown. 

These packs with Organic Natural Dye powder are packaged in biodegradable bags and the insides are made from recycled envelopes. Depending on the dilution, you can get almost half a liter of high-quality paint per color and per pack.

Mix 1:1 with water for a regular watercolor and play around with the proportions a bit for a thicker or thinner paint. You can paint your finger with thick paint! 
The paint is suitable for paper, wood, textiles, stone and much more.

Organic Natural Paint water-based paint is used by adults as well as children's activities in painting wooden toys and other hobbies.

Organic Natural Paint can stay at room temperature for 2-3 weeks.

Ingredients: natural mineral pigments, organic corn starch, senegalese acacia gum.

Approximately 8 oz of paint can be obtained.

Recommended Age: 6+