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Poppik Discovery Stickers - Animals in the World

Brand: by POPPIK
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Does the polar bear live on the north pole or the south pole?

Poppik has a huge selection of sticker posters, sticker cards and sticker puzzles for teens and adults. Sometimes just creative and inspiring, often decorative and now there are a number of very educational sticker posters. Browse Poppik's posters of the universe, flags of the world, animals and the underwater world and start your project on whatever subject you want to satisfy your curiosity. Stick the right stickers in the right place, look carefully and test your skills, knowledge and learn new things! Once you have it ready, you can hang the Poster in your room and enjoy it for years to come.

1 Color Poster + 76 repeatable stickers of world animals.

Recommended Age: 4+ years old