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Poppik My First Stickers - Forest

Brand: by POPPIK
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Ladybugs, squirrels, sparrows, hedgehogs and butterflies: a whole world to explore! This activity is designed for children under 2 years old. Playing with stickers is an excellent exercise in fine motor skills. Holding, removing and sticking: Children enjoy playing by themselves and concentrating for long periods of time. If the children manage to find the right places to place the stickers (with the help of an adult for the youngest), they will perform 6 beautiful sets displayed in their room.

In this bag you will find 6 original cards with about 100 stickers. The child places stickers in empty spaces (recognizable by small dots) by matching colors and shapes. Poppik is a creative hobby that promotes calmness and concentration. This small size (18x18 cm) is designed so that the activity can be carried out anywhere. The bag is easy to open and you can easily put the stickers back.
The activity can be shared by several children.

Contents: 6 sets (18 x 18 cm) + 96 stickers (3 plates)
Repositionable and easy to stick labels
from 2 years old
Chloé du Colombier drawings  

Recommended Age: 2+ years