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Rhythmic Village Percussion Set

Brand: by Voggenreiter
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An ideal set for rhythm hackers of all ages! Innovative application Rhythmic Village and Voggenreiter percussion instruments all in one. Unlimited and rhythmic fun for your kids!

Set content :

  • 20 cm diameter hand drum with two mallets,
  • Claves (2 pcs)
  • rod rattle
  • "Rhythmic Village" (learning software) code card

"Rhythmic Village" App
You and the little pirate "Oratio" are visiting the "Rhythmic Village" in the music world. Crazy people called "Rhythmiacs" live here. These cute characters represent notes and rhythm structures. In this way, it provides the opportunity to establish a link between making childish music and traditional patterns.

In short, with this application, you can learn the basics of reading music, play percussion instruments and improve your sense of rhythm. It is possible to use real and digital percussion instruments.

Didactic approach:

  • A kid-friendly introduction to percussion,
  • Interactive training system to learn notes and rhythms,
  • Fun story and cute characters
  • 70 rhythmic challenges with increasing difficulty
  • Special exercises to develop the ear,
  • 16 virtual instruments to experience,
  • Providing motivation with innovative scoring system,
  • Suitable for classroom and home use
  • Tested with teachers and students in different schools


  • Real-time detection of the instrument played through the microphone,
  • Windows 7/8/10, iOS (from v.10), Android (v.5.0 and above) and macOS (10.11 and above).
  • Language support: English, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • License for 3 different tools

Awards :

  • International 1st place "Educator's choice" from Microsoft Partners in Learning
  • 5 out of 5 stars from TOP Best Apps for Kids
  • Golden Bee award from Best Children Apps

Recommended Age: 6+ Years