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Parents' Test with Plastic Toy

Parents' Test with Plastic Toy

The toy world is changing at a dizzying pace. Inexpensive, brightly colored, eye-catching plastic toys make up more than ninety percent of all toys on the market.

In addition to carrying the same risks as other plastic products, these cheap play items are not only harmful to your child but also to the environment in the long run, since they are in use for a much shorter time and almost none of them can be recycled. Even its expensive derivatives cannot escape from being worn out and thrown away in a much shorter time than it should be.

But the problem with plastic toys isn't that they can't be recycled and that their inevitable end is mountains of garbage. However, the effects of the chemicals used in its content on human health are not fully known. For example, a chemical (phthalates) currently used in plastic toys has been identified as being associated with more than one health problem. Especially since small children have a habit of putting toys in their mouths, these plastic toys are even more risky.

Considering both the damage they cause to the environment and the bad effects on human health, choosing toys made of durable materials with long life stands out as the best solution. Alternatively, wood, cotton, natural rubber can find more place in the production of plastic toys. Of course, it is the preferences of consumers like you and me that will determine this.

Another problem with plastic toys is their consumption rate. Unfortunately, children are exposed to this type of plastic toys in gift bags prepared at birthdays, holidays, parties, next to children's menus in fast food chains or together with various magazines. These toys can often hold the attention of children for a short time and then they are thrown away or they can be broken and unusable in a very short time due to their very poor quality.

As I said at the beginning, it is almost impossible to find the products of companies with environmental awareness in the market because this type of plastic game items dominate the market so much.

Even if buying sustainable toys as plain toys is not an option, we think that the best thing that can be done to be environmentally friendly is to reduce the consumption of toys. This may be one of the things you can do to leave a healthy world for our children and reduce their carbon footprint. We are wondering what are your thoughts on this? We would be happy if you write the actions you have taken in the comment section to be a source of inspiration for other readers.

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